Introducing AfrikanAmerikan! With the upcoming release of their debut EP on Ba-Doop, we threw a few questions to the boys to see what makes them tick. The EP drops on the 15th May exclusive to Traxsource, then Beatport and the rest a fortnight later. See below for previews on our Soundcloud

So you guys met in Byron Bay, what drew you both together to start writing as AfrikanAmerikan?
Shared Love for minimal Techno and hardware based music production.

Do you have a specific work-flow or method of producing together?
Normally we would just chill in a studio and start jamming until an idea jumped out then we would start building on that.

What are the prized pieces of production gear at AfrikanAmerikan HQ?

What other artists are you currently listening to?
Lorn, Landside, Nu, Stimming, Plastikman, (Always listening to some old school techno)


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