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Ba-Doop have a love of all things deep and synthy, and show no sign of letting go of the groove on their latest EP. The first installment of The Crazy Cat Man series sees Ricky Felix, The Manuel Portio and Aggstarr offer up a three-track EP.

Ricky Felix kicks things off with Nue Groove, a deep house roller with smooth, sinewy chords and inviting vocal sample.

The Manuel Portio state the obvious with their track Better With A Beard. The subtle vocal and repetitive deep house groove will keep you hooked til the end.

Rounding out the EP is Aggstarr with Jampacked driving and energizing techno sound, keeping it nice and dark for your listening pleasure. A tasty trio of sounds indeed.


Catch up with the producers on the release:
Ricky Felix:




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With the imminent release of Vol-1 of our Crazy Cat Man various artist series, we thought we’d throw a few questions to the artists appearing on the EP. First up Aggstarr with his raw techno cut “Jampacked” …


How long have you been producing, how did you start?

When I was around 14 I played around with one of the early versions of Fruity Loops, after a few years of focusing on other things at the age of 23 I finally got my head down and did the SAE Electronic music production course in November 2012 so I have been producing for just over a year now.

What influences your sound? Is there a particular artist have you drawn the most inspiration from?

The UK dance music scene definitely has always had a massive influence on me from about the age of 7! I look at artists like Eats Everything for inspiration purely because of his story and how he got to where he his now.



Is there a track or 2 that is really doing it for you at the moment?

Huxley – Long Summer Nights

Dungeon Meat – The Fuck Off Track

As a DJ, what’s the scene like in Adelaide for the music you’re playing?

The scene in Adelaide I find is really behind compared to Melbourne or Sydney. It is getting there though… slowly. Organisations like are a really good way to get heard and to get people into different genres of music. Adelaide has so many talented Djs and I think nightclubs should start looking at the guys trying to be different and bringing versatility to their nights rather than how many people they can pull through the door.

Any sets you’ve played that stand out as a highlight?

I played in the my home city in the UK last year – it was crazy! A stand out in Adelaide would have to be the TechPhonics Boat party in December.

Any locals you draw inspiration from?

Motez signing for Food Music is huge! Also the Untzz guys getting big ups from massive artists like Breach and Disclosure! I can imagine it would be an amazing feeling!

What is your production process?

I tend to get as many sounds based around my drums as possible just to get some sort of feel of where I’m going to take it, I usually fill 16 bars with everything I’ve complied together I and then start arranging the track taking things out I won’t use and adding audio effects etc.

Do you have a favourite piece of hardware or a plug-in?

I have started using SubBoombass recently. love how it sounds and it’s pretty fun to use.

Future Plans?

After a year of production I never thought I would have a release signed to a label so, being realistic, I hope to have my own E.P out this year, that would be really cool. Some friends and I are also starting a new club night in Adelaide dedicated to house and techno called Six Feet Deep. I’m really hoping that it takes off!

Crazy Cat Man EP Vol-1 drops 17th March on Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, iTunes and all other digital outlets

You can find Aggstarr at:

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