Smooches anyone? We got Noodles of them. This one has gone promo over at Traxsource and features a LocoJo and lunabass remix #muchhouse #heapsdisco




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Introducing AfrikanAmerikan! With the upcoming release of their debut EP on Ba-Doop, we threw a few questions to the boys to see what makes them tick. The EP drops on the 15th May exclusive to Traxsource, then Beatport and the rest a fortnight later. See below for previews on our Soundcloud

So you guys met in Byron Bay, what drew you both together to start writing as AfrikanAmerikan?
Shared Love for minimal Techno and hardware based music production.

Do you have a specific work-flow or method of producing together?
Normally we would just chill in a studio and start jamming until an idea jumped out then we would start building on that.

What are the prized pieces of production gear at AfrikanAmerikan HQ?

What other artists are you currently listening to?
Lorn, Landside, Nu, Stimming, Plastikman, (Always listening to some old school techno)


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lunabass & Joshua Pathon Dj/Producer latest track “Outroduce” has just gone on promo over at Traxsource and features in their Essential Chart.
Full preview below or go grab a copy here:

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Our latest EP “The Feeling Is Now” is featured all this week over at Traxsource. Hit’s all other stores in a fortnight. Soulful and Nu Disco vibes on this one.

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Our latest EP “Breaking The Habit” has just gone on Promo over at Traxsource. and is now featured in their Essential Chart! Nu-Disco vibes on this release! Enjoy

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Wingman sitting at No-7 on the Traxsource NuDisco Essential Chart! Stoked to be in the same company as Joey NegroGreenskeepersSatin Jackets and Delusions Of Grandeur!
Made the overall Hype chart too!

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Waiting In The Wingman

The Manuel Portio return to Ba-Doop to drop some Disco tinged House goodness.

Purchase at all online stores including:


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Crazy-Cat-Man-EP 1000px

Ba-Doop have a love of all things deep and synthy, and show no sign of letting go of the groove on their latest EP. The first installment of The Crazy Cat Man series sees Ricky Felix, The Manuel Portio and Aggstarr offer up a three-track EP.

Ricky Felix kicks things off with Nue Groove, a deep house roller with smooth, sinewy chords and inviting vocal sample.

The Manuel Portio state the obvious with their track Better With A Beard. The subtle vocal and repetitive deep house groove will keep you hooked til the end.

Rounding out the EP is Aggstarr with Jampacked driving and energizing techno sound, keeping it nice and dark for your listening pleasure. A tasty trio of sounds indeed.


Catch up with the producers on the release:
Ricky Felix:




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The Sunny Disposition EP is a Disco and House 4 tracker by The Manuel Portio that was signed to a UK label about 2 years ago. Due to issues out of the duo’s control, the EP never saw the light of day and as a result sad-panda’s ensued. Thankfully though The Manuel Portio are offering it up as a free download here at Ba-Doop.

You can download the entire package (MP3) here => The Manuel Portio – Sunny Disposition EP – Free Download

Hi-Res files can be grabbed from our Bandcamp Store here =>

Or you can download the tracks individually from Soundcloud below.

Big thanks to Darren Clements for allowing us to use this shot of our friend “Hairy Rick” for the EP artwork. To see more of Clemo’s work visit or his Facebook page


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With the imminent release of Vol-1 of our Crazy Cat Man various artist series, we thought we’d throw a few questions to the artists appearing on the EP. This time it’s Ricky Felix with his Deep House cut “Nue Gruve” …




How long have you been producing, how did you start?

I’ve been producing for a year or 2 now, most of that time was spent finding my feet though. Coming from a live band background, channeling my creativity into a piece of software was kind of difficult at first. I have only really been listening to electronic/house music for a few years now, but I have always been more inspired to be the person behind the tracks rather than behind the DJ booth (maybe one day haha).

What influences your sound? Is there a particular artist have you drawn the most inspiration from?

My friends and I constantly exchange music, so my influences change monthly haha. I really enjoy jungle / drum and bass, so I try to bring elements from that into my house tracks. I think Low Steppa has got to be one of my main influences though, His sound is what introduced myself to the new bass house sound, which I’m loving at the moment…

Is there a track or 2 that is really doing it for you at the moment?

Oh man, the track “Incoming” by “Celsius” is easily my song at the moment. The chilled sustained intro and the triplet chords in the hook just send shivers down my spine.

Secondly, I’ve got to add “Dappy” by “Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo”. That bass makes my jungle senses tingle! Im certainly leeching a lot of inspiration from that tune at the moment.

Any locals you draw inspiration from?

My local inspiration has got to be Motez, he has been making tunes for quite a while (compared to me) and its awesome seeing him getting international recognition, not to mention being signed to one of my favourite labels Food Music!

What is your production process?

I’ve been a drummer most of my life, so naturally drum patterns are something I find relatively easy to get down first. From there, its plenty of synth surfing, trying to find a sound that works well with my drums and the direction that I’m going, and then tweak what I need to. As apposed to initially creating a hook or main part, then arranging the track from there, I tend to work from the very start to the end (if that makes any sense). Vocals are generally dealt with towards the end of my production process, along with effects and so on. 90% of any particular song that I’m working on is done within a day or two, then I spend loads of time tweaking, re-listening and pulling my hair out haha.

Do you have a favourite piece of hardware or a plug-in?

My plug-in collection is definitely in its early days, but at the moment Massive is my favourite. I have spent so much time learning it, I just find it easy to use and very powerful!

Future Plans?

In the future, I just want to keep making more music, and continue to be motivated to do so. I also want to work on some remixes to help network with other producers and get my name out. From there, I’d love to perhaps begin DJing at a club or sound pond, and meet new people with the same interests and passion as me…

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